About That Night: The University of Maine Black Bears and the Game that Never Happened


Wow. What the fuck happened? A win is a win and in November when we’re attempting to complete our undefeated season everyone will have forgotten about the time we almost lost to Maine, but come on. What could have been a great night, one in which the UConn Huskies should have came in to PAWS ARF and handily put away an FCS team that went 3-8 last season, turned into a near disaster.

Walking into the Rent yesterday after a long summer of anticipation was like coming home from school as young boy on taco night. Only when I sat down at the dinner table, mom served up a big plate of meatloaf and broccoli. Meatloaf and broccoli that also cant complete a forward pass or create a pocket for it’s QB.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped about a win just as much as the next guy. I’ve been a UConn football fan long enough to not take any win for granted, even if it is an FCS program. In the words of HCBD in his post game presser “winning a college football game is hard man.” As #UConnNation faithful, we should rejoice in the win. But that doesn’t mean we can’t also expect more. At this point in HCBD’s tenure, games like this should be a given, thats why their called money games.

Bryant Shirreffs finished the game with 20 running plays for 95 yards. For comparison, Ron Johnson and Arkeel Newsome got 15 carries each for 65 and 40 yards respectively. I’m no Bear Bryant, but when your QB runs more than your backfield and single handedly wills your team to victory, that’s not good. On top of that, learning to slide without getting lit up or receiving a career ending neck injury 101 was not in #TheShirreffs course schedule this summer.

So what have we learned and where do we go from here? Well for starters we have learned that the pallet of Maker’s Mark I ordered in preparation for this season wasn’t as bad an investment as my financial planner said it would be (HAHA SUCK IT!). We’ve also learned that we may have to reduce our expectations for this season by at least a little bit. I mean we’re obviously still going to go undefeated en route to UConn’s first ever national championship in football, but we’ll probably have to drop the expectation for Noel Thomas to win the Heisman. Hey, you can’t have it all.

With a big matchup against Navy next week, the #CFPPush continues as UConn will definitely need to step it up heading into week 2. The dream is still alive though, and the boys in blue only need 14 more.

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